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Through Vision and Commitment. 

Since 2019, we have been the driving force behind successful real estate transactions and thriving businesses in the UK & UAE. Our expert consultation has consistently propelled growth for investment professionals and real estate companies to expand their operations and wealth to multiple sectors and segments.

In 2023, we launched Ladverts, solidifying our commitment to the fundraising and investment landscape. To date, we have secured over £10 million in investments for our partners and delivered an average return of 15% for our valued investors.

Our extensive network of over 500 property developers, landlords, investors, businesses, and industry leaders is a testament to our reputation and reach. Through Ladverts Ventures, we’ve extended this network into the Middle East, unlocking a world of lucrative investment potential.

Our vision for 2024 is bold: to achieve 20% or more returns for our investors through carefully curated deals and strategic alliances. We aim to raise £100 million in capital, empowering our clients, partners, and network to reach new heights.

Building tomorrow's partnerships with today's approach

At Ladverts, We are more than just an investment firm; we are catalysts for your growth and prosperity.

Pranoy Kumar Maitra

Director, Ladverts

Pranoy Kumar Maitra

Director, Ladverts

Investing in People, 
Building Communities.

At the heart of Ladverts is a belief in the power of connections and partnerships. Following my tenure at Amazon, I gained firsthand insights into transactional complexities and identified key challenges within the industry. It became evident that addressing the developers, while ensuring steadfast returns for investors, was paramount. This led to the inception of Ladverts.

Today, Ladverts stands as a testament to these principles, with partnerships spanning over 500 small to mid-sized developers, investors, family offices, and funds. I take pride in having facilitated £10M in fundraising for developers and delivered returns of up to 20% for investors through the cultivation of robust relationships.

Looking ahead, our focus extends beyond real estate to encompass industries such as oil & gas, import & export, defense, and biotech. This expansion promises a diversified portfolio and stable returns for our valued clients, investors, and partners.

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