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Mr Pranoy Maitra

Strong Connections, Delivering Prompt Solutions, and Achieving Outstanding Outcomes.

Ladverts’ story began in April 2023, fuelled by a singular passion: connecting the right people in the UK real estate landscape. This journey, however, started much earlier in the mind of Pranoy Maitra, our founder and director.

Since 2019, Pranoy has woven himself into the fabric of the UK real estate scene. Witnessing the challenges companies faced in building meaningful connections and securing successful partnerships ignited a flame within him. He envisioned a platform that transcended traditional models, where genuine connections sparked collaborations and paved the path to mutual prosperity.

Thus, Ladverts was born. More than just a website, it became a bridge, meticulously crafted to connect

Property Developers
Aspiring to bring their visions to life, seeking the perfect funding and expertise.
Searching for secure, lucrative opportunities to grow their wealth with confidence.
From Buy-to-Let masters to BRRR specialists, looking for partners to supercharge their portfolios.

Values and Vision: Building Bricks with Integrity, Sharing Growth with Passion

At Ladverts, we're not just connecting investors and properties. We're building lasting legacies, brick by brick, and it all starts with our unwavering commitment to core values that guide every step of our journey


Honesty and transparency are our foundations. We believe in open communication, clear agreements, and ethical practices throughout every partnership.


Protecting your investments is our priority. We rigorously vet developers and projects, prioritizing financial stability and minimizing risk.


We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We tailor our approach to each individual, ensuring your investment journey aligns perfectly with your goals and aspirations.


Collaboration is key. We foster a space where investors, developers, and landlords connect, share knowledge, and build long-term relationships.


We stay ahead of the curve. We constantly seek new avenues and creative solutions to connect people and unlock opportunities in the ever-evolving world of property investment.


We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We tailor our approach to each individual, ensuring your investment journey aligns perfectly with your goals and aspirations. 

Client Testimonials

Real voices, real results: What our clients are saying.

Pranoy has been key to helping us to expand our property business. He has a wide network and offers a great service to his clients. I would not hesitate to engage him if you are looking to scale your business.
by Nadeem Akhtar
Real-Estate Developer, Sono Properties Ltd.
We have engaged Pranoy for our proposed developments within the Uk , so far our experience with him has been positive , the guy has a very positive and proactive approach.
by Altaf Rajkotwalla
Property Developer, DWIP Consultants
I have worked with Ladverts and Pranoy for a while now and i have been very impressed with the level of efficiency and speed that he and his team work at. They have a good understanding and knowledge of the industry and dedicate the right rescources to make your company a success. I would highly recommend them and there team.
by Hiren Naker
Director, Legacy Investment Consultancy
I highly recommend Pranoy for exceptional marketing support. He possesses in-depth industry knowledge, creativity, and a results-driven approach. With his expertise and tools, he has been providing amazing results for me and has improved my real estate consultant portfolio on social media. Pranoy is professional, reliable, and goes above and beyond. A valuable asset to any organization seeking marketing excellence.
by Divya Jain
Sales Manager, MNA Properties
Pranoy helped with with outreach to potential investors, would reccomend him to anyone else looking to do the same.
by Sam Watterson
Property Developer, Watts Co.

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